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Welcome to The Borough of Macungie...

Taking place in Macungie, Pennslyvania on Halloween night, the town mysteriously falls into a great darkness. No noise, no lights, and no people. Trapped inside the house of a local residence, you must escape before you're taken by The Maguntsche Demon.

Stuck In Limbo...

The player is stuck in a phenomenon known as The Loop, where two universes are present across a single plane, Collecting artifacts will transport the player into the loop, but will break the connection between realities once all are collect. It is your job to collect them if you have any hopes of getting home.

(This game is under submission of The Haunted PS1 October Game Jam)

Published 13 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Release date 12 days ago
Made withUnity, Blender, Audacity
TagsHorror, psychological, Retro, thriller
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Maguntsche- PC Build (Patch 1) 56 MB
Maguntsche- Mac_OSX Build (Patch 1) 58 MB

Development log


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I enjoyed the game . The monster was terrifying, The game has potential and I'm looking forward to this

watch video here:

I absolutely enjoyed the small but explosive thrill this gave me. I was constantly on my toes and couldn't  even English properly. :D

The game was short, but the monster was terrifying. I didn't quite understand what was happening, but it was interesting. 

Thanks for playing, this weekend's patch will add some lore elements to the game as well as polish some other features!

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Interesting game! I unfortunately didn't know what to do haha. 

This was a flawed but overall a game with potential. The beginning of the game was confusing, there was no clear objective and the monster appearing out of nowhere just made you think "who and why is this thing chasing me?" 

You have to collect three white cubes in order to beat the game (which are gameobjects/mesh from unity simply plopped down for you to collect), because of this, the game feels more like a test build rather than a full release of a chapter. My advice is that if you're not going to have any backstory as to why you are where you are and why the grim reaper from billy and mandy is targeting you then at least make the player/character wake up on the hard ground or something similar to achieve that feeling of "okay I woke up here so now let's figure out why."

There is a health bar in the game and if you stare at the enemy for too long you will slowly lose health and you will be teleported to a different part of the house, the enemy doesn't exactly chase or attack you and if you touch him he doesn't cause any damage. This is not good, you have to realize that humans are the most afraid of "the unknown" so when you have a creepy guy immediately show up without any tension or context, it's ultimately not going to scare you. Try showing your creature/enemy less and build tension to when you see it, an example would be that you're walking down a dark hall and something in front of you runs by really fast from right to left or vice versa, you don't know what it was and it begins to make you imagine as to what it could look like which isn't good for the player. The health in the game is okay but make sure it has a reason, maybe the player can be silently walking down a hallway but the creature was being them the whole time and suddenly the player's health starts to slowly drain indicating that it's right behind them/nearby. 

Now this is my final critique for now, it's a bit nitpicky but hear me out. The music, it's not fear inducing, well it could be but it's played right at the beginning of the game, throughout being around the monster, and etc. Let's say that when you see the monster, the music suddenly stops or it slowly fades and a more eerie, atmospheric track comes in, or maybe even silence will do. If you choose to use silence then adding a heartbeat or breathing from the monster or something would have to replace the silence, sounds and music is vital to horror. There are a ton of ways to implement music and sounds into your game so really I'll leave that up to you to decide.

Again this game has a lot of potential and I look forward to seeing more of your work! I really liked the monster, it was unique from what I've seen from other games. Keep up the good work!

i thought this game was really good, not sure about the whole concept but i was intrigued! i really wish this was longer but honestly cannot wait for more from this :D great job on making this game :D

Really loved this! Great atmosphere and style. Loved the anim on the enemy. My main suggestions would be that it'd be cool if there was an indication that the glowing boxes were doing something other than swapping the bg. Like a screen shake, dissolve screen, flash of light or sound effect maybe to make collecting the boxes feel more rewarding, and the switching between universes feel more intentional rather than a mistake. Also, if I stand in front of the monster near an outer wall, I get pushed out of the house into the blackness outside. I did really enjoy it though and only mention these things because I'm excited to see more of this! Awesome job <3

Thank you for the feedback, some form of visual or auditorial cue will be included in the patch this weekend!

I couldn't really tell what I was suppose to do, it was unsettling for a moment til I figured the creature didn't really do anything to hurt you besides stand there.

*sips tea*

CAN YOU SOLVE THIS MYSTERY? | Maguntsche: Chapter I Full Gameplay Walkthrough

Thanks for playing! Chapter Two will be taking your feedback into consideration, hopefully we can make a more clear and complex story! :)

I feel its missing a lot of things, even if a small game, missing out and not adding lore in-game sorta makes it lose a lot of potential imo.

Definitely going to be taking your feedback into consideration for Chapter 2. Thanks for playing!

Liked the concept!

I had fun playing this, I liked the fact of the gravity changing throughout he game - Creative. I admit it was a little confusing running around. I wasn't sure what buttons did what. lol I kept saying "excuse me" every time I passed the Manchester. I kept trying to run up the stairs so many times. Just noticed your post earlier about it. lol

Over all it was pretty cool. Best wishes on future dev

I'm really glad you enjoyed it! I would like to expand on this sometime in the future so if you have any ideas or suggestions we are open!

enjoyed the art style :)

Glad you enjoyed it!